magdalena hill

moving images 18th SPFF I 2010 I Seattle

18th SPFF Seattle Polish Film Festival

Stop motion animation for the official trailer.

Screenings shown at Nesholm Family Hall
organized by
Seattle-Gdynia Sister City Association

November 2010

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This trailer was shot at the end of summer 2010 with my friend Kinga Osada in Pierwoszow, Poland. The idea was inspired by my joyful childhood memories of the Polish Harvest Festival, an annual celebration that takes place around the time of the main harvest of a given region. It typically features feasting with foods that are drawn from crops coming into maturity at the time of the festival. During the festival croppers give thanks to God for the harvest and ask for an even better harvest next year. We used humor and visual play to bring together the Harvest festival and the Film festival in order to create a trailer that celebrates the unique and unconventional character of the SPFF.

Official poster Poster winner for the 18th SPFF poster competition.