magdalena hill

moving images A missing A I 2006 I Neah Bay USA


A missing A


Exhibition history:

International Short Film Festival - Clermont-Ferrand, France

Ann Arbor Film Festival

Blackwood Gallery Toronto, Canada

WRO Media Art Biennale Wroclaw, Poland


While living in London and Amsterdam I watched many destroyed umbrellas dying on the wet, dirty forgotten streets. Bending, stretching, yelling for physical justice, dreaming to be “para sol” an umbrella protecting from sun, bathing in rays of light…. I never made this video. Instead when living in Seattle I took an umbrella and went to Neah Bay to the west coast. Treated an umbrella as a living being, giving it the space to be, to breathe to experience…

A missing A, is a kind of sound/image construct inspired by a text by Samuel Beckett "Imagination Dead Imagine" and voiced by Gary Hill. The work loosely follows an umbrella both literally and figuratively transforming the object from a prosaic entity into a metaphorical energy that takes part in the chaos and entropy of the life/death conundrum.