magdalena hill

performance Archi resonanti I 2005 I Rome I Italy

Resounding Arches

multi-media installation by Gary Hill

performance for motion capture*
(in the hightec studio in Torino, Italy)
by Magdalena Hill


* Motion capture or mocap is the process of recording the movementof objects or people. It refers to recording actions of human actors, and using that information to animate digital character models in 2D or 3D computer animation.

According to Gary Hill, the creator of the piece, “The idea of Resounding Arches / Archi Risonanti is to simultaneously engender a present and visceral connection to both history and the future as if they ebb and flow from the same place. The central manifestation of this will be through a series of projections of full body nudes, within the arches of the Coliseum, which are hybrid constructions using actual people and computer simulation of various kinds. Each figure emerges holding a ‘meta-mythological’ instrument which, as it is blown, grows and changes along with the sound it generates – like an image/sound möbius band looking for new topologies. The images will reveal themselves slowly in the form of non-invasive apparitions of figures, through light and sound – new presences that impose themselves in the Coliseum as if they had always haunted the physical and mental spaces of the site – and the sounds will emerge from the various dark passages of the Coliseum at random intervals, to create a kind of calling or signaling that produces a metaphorical arching across the varying precepts of space and time.”