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moving images Walking cycle I 2010 I Cougar Mountain

Walking cycle

Outdoor sculpture (part 1)
and animation (part 2).

Overgrowth & Understory

Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition
at Cougar Mountain Regional Wildlands Park
organized by Center on Contemporary Art (COCA)

July 10 - October 1, 2010

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The idea of Walking Cycle is to use the site-specificity of Cougar Mountain—a place of trails where one might walk to wander and ponder—to stage an interactive video performance incorporating the visiting viewers during the opening which is subsequently put online as a video animation.

The work takes place in two stages. The first part consists of a kind of set/sculpture that the viewer is able to wander freely through. The set/sculpture consists of a series of silhouettes or cutouts derived from the standard rectangle form of partical board. I used simple (iconic) positions of the body’s walking motion. There is 11 frames of walking positions of varying sizes ranging from one foot to six feet. They are placed in a circular fashion around a motorized panning camera at varying distances so that the camera sees the cutouts approximately the same. Thus when the viewers are seen amongst the “walker” they vary in size—perhaps smaller next to the outer most cut-out and becoming very large when near the cut-outs closest to the camera. Recordings are made only during the opening after which the camera is removed. Stage two is simply preparing the video recordings to be accessed on the web at

Walking Cycle is to play between and amongst the literal and metaphorical walk of the human body (humankind) and the wandering (wondering) of a human mind…walking paths where nature beckons, taking a stroll, walking through traces and remnants of mutual assured destruction (MAD)…walking, walking, weighing the step, being a step, stepping mind minding step, walking the mind, my mind and your mind, collective consciousness, walking through subconscious intuition, through war of our mind, our minds, being there, being here, now.

Walking cycle